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Elevate your point of view!

Providing high resolution aerial videography and photography for:
- Commercial Construction
- Power & Communications Industry
- Inspections and Surveys
- Real estate
- Fire and Emergency Services
- Building/Roof inspections
...and more! 

Aerial Photos

High resolution (12MB) crystal-clear photos can be taken from any angle and elevation. Great for site documentation, advertisement, and marketing. Superb tools for communicating well to clients. 

Aerial Videos

Rock-steady high resolution (4k) footage for your commercial needs. Great for documenting construction progress for investors, equipment inspection, property inspection for insurance, and more.

You will love the results!

Video Production

If you need basic video production we can do that too! We can provide quick site overview videos up to longer event promotion or documentation segments. Contact us for pricing.

Proud to be a veteran-owned Colorado small business.

Aerial Imaging Services - Colorado


AIS - Colorado was founded by Ryan Pendleton - a career US Air Force Aeronautical Engineer who specializes in aircraft guidance, navigation, and control, unmanned aerial vehicle development and applications, elevated sensors (towers and aerostats used for force protection in Afghanistan) and other advanced technology applications.


The main goal of AIS-CO is to develop and advance the state-of-the-art in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to rapidly provide UAS-enabled solutions for aerial imaging, remote sensing, specialized fire and emergency services applications, and more.


We are continuing to build a collaborative team of like-minded professionals who are excited about being on the leading edge of the UAS revolution. If you would like to join our team please contact us through our website here.


Thanks for looking into AIS-CO. Happy flying!

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